T&K’s glorious Deepdale Farm Wedding, North Yorkshire

I visited Deepdale Farm, over on the North East side of Yorkshire, as soon as T & K has hired me as their florist. What an amazing blank canvas! This beautiful space offers two barns, as well as a rotunda and ‘whiskey shed’, outdoor space, an amazing balcony, a cabin for the married couple and

September Micro-Wedding for Claire & Andrew

Claire and Andrew decided to go ahead with their September micro-wedding despite all the difficulties of 2020. With only 15 guests, this intimate, unique celebration was a joy to be a part of! Their ceremony was laid-back and relaxed. A traditional church service was followed by an intimate restaurant lunch for the fifteen guests. They

What’s in bloom in June? June wedding flowers, UK

If you’re planning a wedding for next June, this year is a great opportunity to keep your eyes on June wedding flowers to see what’s going to be in bloom. British flowers for a June wedding is a pretty broad brief for a florist! You’re in luck, because June is the season where Britain bursts

December Wedding Flowers – Kiri & Will

December wedding flowers? Grown totally in the UK? For some, it’s a tough sell. Winter. A time when the British countryside seems to go into hibernation; bulbs lie sleeping beneath the snow and memories of the summer’s fragrant blooms are long gone. What flowers do you think of, besides holly and ivy? How about these?