What’s in bloom in June? June wedding flowers, UK

If you’re planning a wedding for next June, this year is a great opportunity to keep your eyes on June wedding flowers to see what’s going to be in bloom. British flowers for a June wedding is a pretty broad brief for a florist! You’re in luck, because June is the season where Britain bursts

December Wedding Flowers – Kiri & Will

December wedding flowers? Grown totally in the UK? For some, it’s a tough sell. Winter. A time when the British countryside seems to go into hibernation; bulbs lie sleeping beneath the snow and memories of the summer’s fragrant blooms are long gone. What flowers do you think of, besides holly and ivy? How about these?

Spring flowers – showcasing beautiful Britain

Though there is always *something* beautiful available in our great British outdoors to bring inside, we love Spring flowers. Though Winter’s austerity is beautiful, and high Summer’s abundance is so generous, Spring is the moment to really take note of the arrival of those first flowers. When Spring has finally sprung, and those beautiful, delicate