What’s in bloom in June? June wedding flowers, UK

If you’re planning a wedding for next June, this year is a great opportunity to keep your eyes on June wedding flowers to see what’s going to be in bloom.

British flowers for a June wedding is a pretty broad brief for a florist! You’re in luck, because June is the season where Britain bursts into an abundance of beautiful flowers – especially that ‘English country garden’ flower style.

I’ve done a quick collage of some of my favourites, to help you think about what might be in season for your June wedding!

june flowers uk best june flowers
running L-R, top-bottom: Astrantia, Clematis, Cornflower, ivy, Aquilegia, Iris, Aquilegia, Eucalyptus Silver Dollar, Foxglove, Anemone (late), Peony, Cow Parsley, Cosmos, Lilac, Grasses, Peony, Forget-me-Not, Hawthorne blossom, Aquilegia, Honeysuckle, Poppies, Lilac, Rose, Comfrey, Aquilegia

This strange time of quarantine has meant that this collage is of pictures of flowers growing in situ. They aren’t flowers prepped for events, or bought in from other flower farmers. They’re just flowers I’m growing, or blooms which I’ve come across on my June walks this year. Many of them come in many, many different varieties too, so never fear if the colours don’t appeal.

june wedding centrepiece flowers

Popular June wedding flowers

Possibly the most popular British flower for a June wedding is the peony. Many a bride asks for that blowsy, romantic classic. The third and fourth pictures down on the left hand side are both peonies.

Sarah Bernhardt Peonies from Sarah Raven

One of my personal favourites is the Sarah Bernhardt (pictured above) – a pale blush, many-petalled beauty. Be aware that peonies are expensive, and not long seasoned – but their beauty can be mimicked, whether with a blowsy, many petalled rose, or even much earlier in Spring, with a double-petalled tulip, to similar effect.

june wedding bouquet uk

What styles of flowers work in June?

As the collage above shows, June is a time that can cater to many gorgeous wedding floral styles. Go wild and natural with the tail-end of May’s gorgeous white hedgerows, using Cow Parsley, Hawthorne, Grasses and Foxgloves (you could even opt for an entirely wild bouquet!). Use lots of greenery. Alternatively, choose exquisite romantic blooms like roses and peonies. Or turn up the saturation, with June’s amazing palette of cheerful blue cornflowers, bright lupins (pictured in the bouquet below), smiling bright cosmos and star-shaped astrantia.

These are all great flowers to use in your June wedding, to bring character. And there are plenty, plenty more blooms we haven’t even discussed here, from nigella (love-in-a-mist) to the climbing spires of delphiniums and beyond.

Popular colour palettes for June include White, and Peach through Pink. Bright pops of colours like blue (not easy in many other months!), pink, and yellow/orange can be worked in too. June allows a much freer hand than in many other months; really, the floral world is your oyster!

june wedding flowers bright bouquet

Here are just a couple of examples of Pollendine’s June wedding arrangements:

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